The hostel is a structure very similar to the hotel. Main difference between hotel and hostel is the following: the first one offers rooms with all kinds of services (Tv, air conditioning, internet access…), the second instead has rooms with cheap furniture and less services than the hotel and it also has dormitories with many beds. The dormitories can be small or large sometimes (up to 18 beds and more) for women and men only or mixed: so there is the sharing room with unknown people.
This remember the hostel origins: it was born in Germany on 1909 to give at young people the possibility to travel in a low cost places. It was a teacher Richard Shirmann to have idea to use the school classrooms (closed in summer) as dormitories.
Since then and especially from few years the hostels are changed and are also adapting to the most demanding guests: so not only dormitories with many beds but single, double, triple rooms. Some rooms in some hostels has also equipped with private facilities. But often change also the building welcomes the hostel: sometimes charming villas, or historical buildings or imposing and modern constructions. Now in many hostels there is no more limitation about the during of stay. However some still not allow to stay more than 2 weeks because the hostels are places where the people stay for few days and then they don’t stop for a long time in the same place.
The hostels are different from the hotels for the community atmosphere. In the hostel there is much more sharing then an hotel. You has breakfast together, you meet at lunch, at dinner and you also share often the room. The reading room, the bar become further moments of meeting.
In hostel is very easy to make friends and exchange information on trips and excursions. From few years there are not anymore age restrictions to access in the hostels. In fact they are open to young and old people. The hostel guests are mainly open and curious people with so much desire to discover new things. Everybody choose the hostels: people of every social classes and different cultures who share the experience of adventure and trip.

Well …good travel for hostels!